Justin Govender Cinematic Presets

Make every moment cinematic. Add that “movie-like” colour and mood to your images with this collection of 7 editing presets for Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop’s Camara Raw.

I spent over a decade fine-tuning my editing process to something that I felt happy with. Creating a preset that evoked the right touch of artistry, etherealism, warm nostalgia and cinematic beauty. This Cinematic Preset Pack is the result of many photo shoots and late nights tweaking sliders and colours. A product of constant learning from movies, paintings, photographs, travelling and other brilliant creators. I hope this collection of 7 presets supports you in creating images that are timeless and tell an open-ended story.

○ Intended for use in Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3 or Adobe Camera Raw and up as it uses XMP for presets

○ Instant download after purchase

○ One-time purchase, unlimited use

○ Includes a digital guide on getting the most out of the preset

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