Nice to

meet you!


Cape Town based, Digital Creative/ Photographer

I’ve been a photographer &

digital creative for more

than 15 years.

Creating appealing imagery excites me. You’ll often find me early hours of the morning or late at night out exploring and capturing the beauty of whatever place I’m in.
I’m constantly looking for new and fresh ways to display how I see the world and the people I get to capture.

Together with my beautiful wife, Natasha, we are on this exciting adventure of life to live to the fullest and be a blessing to those around us.






Aside from what I do as a career, my life is joyfully surrendered to the Lord Jesus and He motivates my every step. As much as I strive to do everything with passion, excellence and professionalism, it is my hope that what I do inspires, encourages and instructs people to find their satisfaction in Him too.

I have the privilege of working full time, overseeing communications for Hillsong Africa Foundation, where every day we spend our efforts in developing the communities of South Africa and building lives. Learn more about it here